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Saving Energy

Are you letting our most abundant source of energy pass you by?

As March arrives, the cloudy and cold weather starts to give way to sunshine. Not only is the sun is a welcome sight, but it also provides welcome relief from high utility bills. And harnessing sunlight to save energy is easier than you think. Solar makes more sense than ever. Energy costs aren’t going down Read more »

When summer arrives, greet it with a smile.

Home, ice cream
Prepare your home for hot weather, and stay comfortable during even the worst heat. Summer’s on the way, and with it comes miserable, sticky heat that can make your home uncomfortable, and raise your energy use.  Stay cool, comfortable and energy-smart with a few tips for defending your home from summer weather. Clean your air Read more »

Thermostat advice from the professionals.

Lennox Thermostat
Let a Lennox® expert help you connect with your thermostat. As the brains of your heating and cooling system, the thermostat can have a huge effect on energy efficiency and comfort.  Kyle Golden, Product Manager of Controls for Lennox, weighs in on thermostats, and the advantages you’ll enjoy with a programmable model. The heart of Read more »

A few small energy-smart changes can add up to a big difference.

Man screwing in lightbulb
With energy costs going up every day, there’s never been a better time to start thinking about conservation. Changes don’t have to be drastic, either. Every little bit helps, because over time those little things add up to big savings. Get yourself in hot water. Water heaters use up to 18% of your total energy Read more »

Home comfort tech has come a long way in a short while

Today, we pretty much take home comfort for granted. But we haven’t always been so fortunate. In fact, compared to even the most basic of today’s systems, the home comfort equipment of even a few decades ago seems almost primitive. Controls. Early thermostats were mechanical in nature, regulating system operation using either mercury or a metal Read more »

When the sun comes up, your energy costs can go down.

Solar panel home animation
With energy costs ever on the rise, you’re probably looking for ways to use less energy without compromising your lifestyle. One of the most efficient and effective ways you can save energy also happens to be one of the most abundant: solar energy. Home heating and cooling: your biggest chance at savings. Perhaps the greatest Read more »

Get comfortable with green living

Green living kids potting plants for indoors
Going green at home is not only a great way to help lower your environmental impact—it can also have positive effects on your comfort, health and pocketbook. Here are a few ways to implement green-living products and practices into your home: Use green cleaning products The air inside your home can contain up to five Read more »

Smart home, smart savings

Smart home icomfort wifi in nursery
What’s a great way to add an extra level of convenience to your busy lifestyle, while saving time, money and energy in the process? Make your home “smarter” with smart home technology. A smart home uses highly advanced technology to provide comfort, security, energy efficiency and convenience at all times, regardless of whether anyone is Read more »

Best green ways to invest your tax return

Green way to invest tax return garden compost bin
You’ve waited all year for that coveted tax return check. Now, it’s time to spend it! Whether you’re an eco-conscious consumer, or simply looking for ways to go greener and save a little money, here are a few ideas for putting your cash to good use: Green mutual fund. With as little as a $250 Read more »

Get smart about home energy efficiency

Home energy efficiency and savings
Did you know as much as half the energy consumed in your home goes to heating and cooling? If you haven’t replaced your HVAC system with a high-efficiency, ENERGY STAR® qualified model, you’re probably spending significantly more on home utility bills—up to 20% more if your heat pump or air conditioner is more than 10 Read more »
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