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Soak up the sun

Power your home with solar energy

Summer’s long, hot days are winding down, but you can catch the sun’s rays all year long—and help the environment, too—when you power your home with solar energy.

Sound far-fetched? Solar energy systems are becoming increasingly popular for homeowners seeking to lower monthly utility bills and gain independence from the electric grid. The sun’s infinitely renewable rays produce no carbon dioxide, providing clean, limitless and best of all free solar energy that can easily be captured and—with the right equipment—converted to electricity.

What’s more, installing a solar energy system in your home may improve its value, due to its ability to significantly lower heating and cooling costs. In fact, studies by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development have shown that home values rise an average of $20 for every $1 reduction in annual utility bills.

What’s not to love? Especially when a solar home energy system comes with incentives. The U.S. Federal government, as well as some states, provide tax credits for renewable energy systems. Utility rebates may also be available in some areas.

Ready to get started? Look for a solar energy system that works with your home’s HVAC-like Lennox’ industry-leading SunSource® Home Energy System- to begin lowering monthly energy costs.

The SunSource system works with a solar-ready air conditioner or heat pump to reduce heating and cooling bills by up to half. By converting the sun’s free, clean energy into electricity, the SunSource system can power HVAC, lighting and other appliances around the home. Plus, any extra power generated can be sent back to the utility grid, possibly entitling homeowners to a credit on utility bills.

Finally, Lennox’ SunSource system is safer and easier to operate than traditional solar home energy systems, with individual solar modules (anywhere from 1 to 15 can be added to a solar-ready unit at any time to begin capturing the sun’s free, clean energy) and an innovative microinverter system that allows each module to operate separately. With the microinverter system, the SunSource system will continue to operate, even in the event one module is compromised or goes down.

And what better way to see savings than tracking your own results? Lennox’ SunSource® system comes complete with a communication module that allows homeowners to see how the energy system is working to lower utility operating costs. It also shows users the environmental benefits of using renewable energy in their homes.

For more information about how you can put solar energy to use in your home, and to watch a video detailing how the SunSource® system works, visit our Solar Solutions section.


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