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When the sun comes up, your energy costs can go down.

Solar panel home animation

With energy costs ever on the rise, you’re probably looking for ways to use less energy without compromising your lifestyle.

One of the most efficient and effective ways you can save energy also happens to be one of the most abundant: solar energy.

Home heating and cooling: your biggest chance at savings.

Perhaps the greatest impact that solar energy can have on your home will be felt in heating and air conditioning. As your home’s biggest consumer of energy, the heating and cooling system can produce substantial savings when integrated with solar energy—especially when the solution is as practical as the Lennox SunSource® Home Energy System.


Adding solar energy can be easier than you think.



Adding a solar energy source to your home heating and cooling system used to require a complicated, costly custom installation. However, with the introduction of SunSource, adding solar energy is much simpler and more cost-effective. Take a look at a typical SunSource system by visiting the Lennox® solar house.


Solar energy blends in perfectly with the rest of your home.

A typical solar installation will make a big difference in your energy savings. But it won’t make a big difference in the appearance of your home. Most of the time, the solar modules in a solar energy system are installed on the roof where they’ll gather the most light, and be the least intrusive on your landscaping and home décor.


Solar modules stand up to the elements and more.

While solar modules may look fragile, they’re actually extremely robust. Premium materials like those used in the SunSource Home Energy System can withstand even the most brutal weather conditions, including heavy rain, hail and snow.



Solar heating and cooling does more than heat and cool.

With a solar-enabled heating and cooling system in place, you will certainly enjoy a reduction in the amount of energy you use to stay comfortable. But the savings may very well be felt throughout your home as well, because energy systems such as SunSource can actually route extra power away from the heating and cooling system and use it to power small appliances in the home.


Too much electricity? Sell it back.

On days when solar panels produce more electricity than you’ll actually need for heating, cooling and small appliances, many local utilities may let you sell that excess electricity back to them, which means you’re actually making money on the energy your panels produce.


See your savings in a different light.

While it’s easy to understand the benefits of solar energy, it’s even more impactful when you can see just how much you can save, right there in front of you. Visit the Lennox Solar Calculator for an interactive example of how the savings can add up in your home. You’ll see just how good the sun can make you feel.

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