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Smart, sensible style

Interior design style

Good interior design doesn’t have to be expensive.

You can spend a lot of money to make the inside of your home look great.  But you don’t have to.  With just a little thought and a little attention to your own personal style, you can make the inside of your home a showpiece without blowing your budget.

Replace ordinary fixtures

When most homes are built, the contractors take the economical step of using fairly standard hardware throughout.  For example, doorknobs, hinges and drawer pulls are usually fairly straightforward and plain.  Add simple artistic touches in every room by replacing ordinary hardware with distinctive pieces that either stand out on their own, or complement the room theme you’ve created.

Get creative with lighting

Lamps and light fixtures serve a very important purpose in your home, obviously.  But they can do more than show you the way.  They can also show off your style.  Replace desk and table lamps with inexpensive but more fashionable alternatives to change the mood of the room.  For an even bolder statement, consider changing ceiling lights and fans with the help of a qualified electrician.


Soften the room with pillows and fabric accents

Any room can take on a more sophisticated style by adding a touch of fashionable comfort.  Accent pillows on furniture can go a long way toward creating a new theme for the room, as can new curtains, sconces and window treatments.

Add a color or change a color

Paint can have a huge impact on the way a room feels.  Lighter, more neutral colors make the room seem larger, while adding a note of sophistication to the design scheme.  Neutral colors also make it easier to change the room in the future without repainting, whether you’re completely redoing the design scheme or just adding holiday accents.


Add plants for a natural touch

Plants and flowers can make a room seem more natural and inviting.  You needn’t overpower the décor with exotic and colorful vegetation to have a big impact, either.  A simple leafy green accent like an ivy plant can make a room more inviting without commanding attention.

Consider new furniture

While often the most expensive option, adding a new couch, chair or table can have perhaps the biggest impact on the room because furniture tends to be the anchor of many design schemes.  However, you don’t have to break the bank to break out of the ordinary; flea market finds can add unique interest to your home.

For a truly inspired collection of interior ideas, check out the Southern Living Idea House.  This annual project features some of 2013’s most innovative thinking in home design.

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